DSP Spotlight: Donyell Williams

By Lakeisha Woodson   Donyell is present with us and always listens to what I have to say. It’s obvious that this role is more than a job to her. She and the rest of my ArcGNO EarlySteps team check in on me and my kids after doctors appointments or when they are sick with […]

DSP Spotlight: Anna O’quinn

By Jan Alario, Residential Support Services   I love my PCA (personal care attendant) Anna to death. She makes me happy and makes me smile. She encourages me to try new things and teaches me to do things for myself. I can always depend on her to be there for me. She makes me feel […]

DSP Spotlight: Peggy Walker

By Ashley Bolden, Employment Services   I love Ms. Peggy because she is funny and she teaches me new activities. I love her flashy style and the girly things we do together like shopping at the mall for clothes and jewelry. Her help on the Janitorial Crew makes me feel confident. She picks me up […]

DSP Spotlight: Antoinette Hart

By Jill Egle, Uptown Community Center   I love Mrs Antoinette Hart because she is a true close friend. She is a genuine one of a kind leader within her role as a DSP at the Arc of Greater New Orleans Uptown Community Center. She helps me in so many ways to be positive and […]

DSP Spotlight: Keonti Williams

By Ann Richard, Metairie Community Center   Keonti has an outgoing personality and easy to talk to. Keonti listens and respects me, she’s nice and sweet. I like it when Keonti takes me to aerobics class and bowling. Keonti also talks to me about my outside activities such as cruising on Carnival ships and my […]

DSP Spotlight: Kimber Frerene

By Eric Smith, Chalmette Community Center   Ms. Nicki (Eric’s nickname for Kimber) is the best! She always makes going out fun. I love when she puts on the music and gets everyone to dance. Today at the Wellness Center, she was helping everyone to exercise.   This week we’re recognizing the Direct Support Professionals […]

DSP Spotlight: Ms. Ira Green

By Katie Baril, Westwego Community Center   Ms. Ira is my favorite staff because the first time I met her on her first day, February 1st 2017, I knew that I would call her mom and stick with her always. I call her mom because she is like a second mom to me. She makes […]

Terri smiling

DD Awareness Month Blog: Feeling Empowered

Because I had Down syndrome, all my life I had love and caring and more understanding. I learn how to speak out in the community. I want people to understand me and I am willing to help them. When I first started at ArcGNO, I had new friends to welcome me. I have the feeling […]

DD Awareness Month Blog: What Is It Like to Have a Seizure?

My name is Jessica Lynn Nobles and I am 26 years old. The first time I realized I had a disability was at a very young age in elementary school. I was diagnosed with ADD, hydrocephalus, and epilepsy. Epilepsy has made a major impact on my life for the past 26 years because I never […]