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Ways To Help

There are many ways you can help The Arc achieve our goals.

Of course, gifts of cash are always welcome, but if you can’t donate financially or if you just want to do more to help, we have options! Roll up your shirtsleeves, work with our participants, or provide program support by volunteering. You can also donate new or lightly used items to a program or individual in need or take a tour of one of our program facilities.


Writing a check to The Arc of Greater New Orleans is the easiest and quickest way to help support the many vitally needed services provided to the intellectually and developmentally disabled (IDD) community, plus you get an immediate tax deduction for the amount of the gift!



When you donate shares of publicly traded securities to The Arc that you have held for more than 12 months or inherited, you get a deduction for the value of the gift at the time of the transfer. Plus, you do not pay income tax on the increase in value between the time you bought the stock and the time of the gift!



A Will can help assure that the vital services The Arc of Greater New Orleans provides to the community continue after you are gone.  Wording of your legacy in your Will can be very simple, such as, “I leave $100,000 to the Arc of Greater New Orleans,” “I leave 10% of my remaining property to The Arc of Greater New Orleans”, or “I leave my property at 100 State Street to The Arc of Greater New Orleans.” A capable lawyer should be consulted when preparing a Will or other estate planning device.


Beneficiary Designation

The Arc of Greater New Orleans can be designated as the beneficiary of some or all of a retirement plan account, such as an IRA or an account in a 401(k) plan. We can also be designated as beneficiary of some or all of a life insurance policy.  The custodian for each program should be consulted and the appropriate forms used for each program. When benefits are paid from a retirement plan to a non-profit such as The Arc, the non-profit does not pay tax on benefits it receives.


In-kind Gifts

In-kind gifts are gifts of tangible personal property, such as such as clothing, furniture, appliances, vehicles, property, etc. In-kind donations must be relevant to the mission of The Arc of Greater New Orleans, must be marketable, must not have any undue restrictions for its use or sale, and must not be carrying costs. Please reach out to The Arc to discuss your potential donation.



The Arc of Greater New Orleans welcomes community members, professionals, and skilled labor to help us advocate for and empower individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We have many volunteer opportunities available. To learn more about how you can be an invaluable part of The Arc family by volunteering and fill out a volunteer form, click below to learn more.


There are many other options for ways you how you can help which might be more beneficial to you, such as splitting benefits, setting up a living trust, or transferring a donation from your IRA.

If you are interested in discussing any of the options on this page and creating a plan customized to fit your needs,
please email Sr. Director of Development Todd Simmons.

Our Mission

Arc of Greater New Orleans (ArcGNO) works to secure for all people with intellectual disabilities opportunities to develop, function, and live to their fullest potential.

Our Purpose

To create, through education, advocacy, and support, a greater New Orleans community that includes, accepts, and celebrates people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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