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About Us

We currently serve over 750 children and adults in Jefferson, Orleans, St. Bernard, Plaquemines, and St. Tammany parishes.

Our services

ArcGNO provides a variety of services to individuals of all ages. We assist parents of infants (0-3 years) to find effective therapies and treatments. We help students explore their options for the future after high school. We provide job coaching and placement for those seeking employment, day activities that enable individuals to be active and integrated into the community,  and personal care attendants to assist with a variety of tasks in the home and around the community.

Our History

In 1953 a group of concerned parents joined forces to provide better lives for their children who, because of developmental delays and intellectual disabilities, were not able to participate in everyday society. At the time, little was known about intellectual disabilities. It was very common for doctors to counsel parents to place their children in institutions for most of their lives. Emboldened by their collective desire to raise their children in the home and their refusal to accept that institutionalization was the only option, groups around the country organized and implemented at the local level action plans aimed at giving their children fuller lives in the community.

Initially groups used the acronym A.R.C. and called themselves Associations for Retarded Children. In 1992, however, growing sensibility to the hurtful connotation of the “r” word moved them to abandon the acronym and instead to use the word Arc. An arc is a curved pathway. Planets and electricity, for instance, move in arcs.  It is the mission of the Arc to accompany our clients throughout their life journeys so that, by following their own pathways, they can achieve their goals and dreams.

Our independent local 501(c)(3) non-profit organization is known as Arc of Greater New Orleans. We currently serve over 600 children and adults in Jefferson, Orleans, St. Bernard, Plaquemines, and St. Tammany parishes.

Our Mission

The Arc of Greater New Orleans works to secure for all people with intellectual disabilities opportunities to develop, function, and live to their fullest potential.

Our Purpose

To create, through education, advocacy, and support, a greater New Orleans community that includes, accepts, and celebrates people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

OUR VALUES: People First

The Arc of Greater New Orleans believes people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are defined by their strengths and abilities. All people are entitled to respect and dignity. People with IDD have a right to self-determination to make decisions about their own lives and to be fully included in all aspects of society.

OUR VALUES: Integrity

The Arc of Greater New Orleans is fair and ethical in all we do. We are trustworthy, honest, and transparent. We are solution-focused. We do what we say and hold others accountable. We are self-aware and forgive mistakes.

OUR VALUES: Collaboration

The Arc of Greater New Orleans is one team working towards one goal. We value the input of employees, participants, caregivers, families, and stakeholders. Strong partnerships are critical to our mission. Team members lead by example and adapt as needed.

OUR VALUES: Innovation

The Arc of Greater New Orleans believes in our mission and strives to provide excellence. We are always seeking to improve and change. We value new ideas and seek input from all team members. Innovation leads to diversification and a greater impact on our community.

OUR VALUES: Authenticity

The Arc of Greater New Orleans encourages authentic working relationships. Authenticity begins with self-awareness of your competencies and values. We encourage open dialogue based on trust, tolerance, and inclusivity in a safe environment.

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