Volunteer at ArcGNO’s Mardi Gras Recycle Center

Help us turn beads into jobs!

ArcGNO saved more than 160 tons of Mardi Gras throws from New Orleans drains and landfills in 2019. Now, we need your help to sort and package all these beads! The more recycled beads we sell, the more jobs we create for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Get to know how great it is working alongside people of all abilities by volunteering with our bead team in a fun and festive environment. Bead sorting is the perfect volunteering opportunity for your office, team, club, class, or any other group. Single volunteer options are also available. All volunteers must be at least 11 years or older.


Meet the team!

From left: Jason, John, Tina, Carolyn, Peter, and Tommie.


Our Mardi Gras Recycle Center employs five full-time staff with disabilities and up to 80 part-time workers throughout the year. While our participants put in a lot of hard work everyday, it is our volunteers who help us reach the finish line. Sign-up at the form below!

Complete the volunteer form below and wait for confirmation. 

For more information about volunteering at ArcGNO’s Mardi Gras Recycle Center, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at

504-324-1919 or twright@arcgno.org.  


Volunteer Sign Up Form

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Individuals, who wish to volunteer for more than 40 hours within a calendar year will be required to complete a volunteer form and undergo a background check. There is a fee for this process.