By Lakeisha Woodson

Donyell is present with us and always listens to what I have to say. It’s obvious that this role is more than a job to her. She and the rest of my ArcGNO EarlySteps team check in on me and my kids after doctors appointments or when they are sick with a common illness, which is something I know they do not have to do. I love my team; I appreciate them and I thank them for all they do.

This week we’re recognizing the Direct Support Professionals that help individuals with disabilities lead the lives they want in the community of their choosing. To show just how much our DSP’s mean to us, we asked certain ArcGNO participants to spotlight their favorite DSP. Donyell Williams is a support coordinator in ArcGNO’s Family Support Coordination department. She helps coordinate support for children with intellectual disabilities or developmental delays. Lakeisha Woodson is a parent of one of these children and receives services for her child, Lamar, through ArcGNO.