By Katie Baril, Westwego Community Center

Ms. Ira is my favorite staff because the first time I met her on her first day, February 1st 2017, I knew that I would call her mom and stick with her always. I call her mom because she is like a second mom to me. She makes me laugh and she knows when I’m happy, sad, or mad. I know I can always count on her and she tells me I can call her whenever I need her. That is why I love her to death! Sometimes when I don’t listen she puts me on the right track, she treats me like one of her own. I always mess with her saying my name should have been Katie Marie Veronica Green. You inspire me every day and I look up to you all the time. Thank you from the bottom of the heart Ms. Ira.! I love you!

This week we’re recognizing the Direct Support Professionals that help individuals with disabilities lead the lives they want in the community of their choosing. To show just how much our DSP’s mean to us, we asked certain ArcGNO participants to spotlight their favorite DSP.  This spotlight is written by participant Katie Baril. Ms. Ira Green helps facilitate meaningful activities for adults with intellectual disabilities at our Westwego Community Center.