By Ann Richard, Metairie Community Center

Keonti has an outgoing personality and easy to talk to. Keonti listens and respects me, she’s nice and sweet. I like it when Keonti takes me to aerobics class and bowling. Keonti also talks to me about my outside activities such as cruising on Carnival ships and my fashionable jewelry. Keonti often compliments me on the way I dress. I love Keonti for everything she does for me.

This week we’re recognizing the Direct Support Professionals that help individuals with disabilities lead the lives they want in the community of their choosing. To show just how much our DSP’s mean to us, we asked certain ArcGNO participants to spotlight their favorite DSP.  This spotlight is written by participant Ann Richard. Keonti Williams helped facilitate meaningful activities for adults with intellectual disabilities at our Metairie Community Center. She now works in our Residential Support Services.