My name is Jessica Lynn Nobles and I am 26 years old. The first time I realized I had a disability was at a very young age in elementary school. I was diagnosed with ADD, hydrocephalus, and epilepsy. Epilepsy has made a major impact on my life for the past 26 years because I never know when and where a seizure will strike. It can be scary for those who have no seen one before. A lot of times I go in a daze before a seizure. During a seizure I scream and cry and after I come out of it, I feel so confused and don’t know where I am. I also feel very weak and tired. For those who don’t know what epilepsy is, it’s a very serious neurological condition that sends an abnormal electrical current to my brain, sending mixed up messages to all other parts of my brain causing me to go into a tonic-clonic or grand mal seizure. I definitely raise awareness by telling everyone in the Friendship Club at Westwego Community Center to support Epilepsy Awareness Month and through the entire month of November to wear something purple. I also raise awareness by posting a fundraiser for the Epilepsy Foundation of Louisiana to raise money for epilepsy awareness, asking my Facebook friends to donate at least $100 to reach my fundraising goal. One day I hope doctors find a cure for epilepsy other than VNS therapy.

Jessica is a participant at ArcGNO’s Westwego Community Center and the president of the LC Club on the Westbank. She loves to do anything to stay active – bowling, line dancing, you name it!