Robert Perrett attends ArcGNO’s Northshore Community Center.

I am 60 years old and I go to the Arc. I like the Arc because they treat me real nice. I can decide to self start a lot of my life. For instance, I can purchase my own drink or coffee. I get to work for and with my community. I am very useful in my community and I am encouraged to think for and do for myself. I live alone now, but I have friends who help me enjoy my life. My workers visit me in my house. They help me prepare my meals. They help me grocery shop and even go to the doctor. During the day at Arc, I have many friends and activities to keep me very busy during the day. I always knew I was special and needed help to be an adult. With all that is offered to enhance my life, my disability does not get in my way of living a productive life. I do not mind questions about my special abilities, but I do not like being treated differently. My disability helps me to be a better person. It helps me understand all people are different, but we have many things in common too! I use to have a girlfriend. I like girls! We have to follow rules about self respect but it is okay to be nice to girls, just remember to treat other like we want to be treated. The best disability in the media shows me everyone can be a winner, we can all conquer our fears. The worst part about the media is when we as people are misunderstood and discriminated against. I have worked in the past but now that I am getting older, I prefer to learn self help skills like time management, shopping, and keeping my house clean. I would like to tell others like me to be happy, enjoy our freedoms, and never stop learning to be a better person. My ability is endless. My disability is never my problem – it is my uniqueness!