My favorite DSP here at the Westwego Community Center is Ms. Shirley. The reason why I chose Ms. Shirley as my favorite DSP at the center is because she is a very sweet-hearted person to me and others. Ms. Shirley makes me feel important by going out of her way to help me and others. My favorite activity I’ve done with Ms. Shirley out in the community was the French Quarter Fest. Something I would want to tell Ms. Shirley is congratulations for making favorite DSP Appreciation Week. Since I’ve been here at the Westwego Community Center, you’ve helped me a lot to become a better person in my life. I really appreciate what you have done for me. Just keep being the leader you are and have always been and continuing being there for people to make their lives a brighter future.

Shirley Blanche was a DSP at ArcGNO’s Westwego Community Center for 17 years. She recently retired in August, but her bonds with the participants at Westwego Community Center clearly live on. Ashley Wiggins, a participant there, wrote this spotlight about Shirley for DSP Recognition Week