DSP Kelly Sims and participant Meghan Ott take a silly photo

Kelly is my favorite Arc worker I ever met. Sometimes when I need help with any problems I have, that’ll be Kelly. Because she is the only one I can trust that I can count on. She brings good personality to make me happy with, with a good attitude. She brings happiness to everyone with good laughter. That’s what I like about her. That she brings good smiles and she is the nicest person to be with. She makes everyone feel important. My favorite activity is to be with her. It’s anything or anywhere. Just to spend time with her no matter what. That’s why no matter what, I tell her she’ll always be my favorite Arc woman ever. I appreciate her.

Kelly Sims is a DSP at ArcGNO’s Northshore Community Center, where she facilitates meaningful activities for adults with disabilities. Meghan Ott is a participant at the Northshore Community Center. She chose to spotlight Kelly for DSP Recognition Week.