Hello my name is Danyelle Barnett. This week I have had the privilege of picking one of our DSP’s to be in the spotlight. Each one of you has worked tirelessly during the past year. This year I have chosen Ms. Patrice Johnson to be in the spotlight. Ms. Johnson is fun and caring. I could tell you a thousand jokes that she has told me over the past year. She has a great sense of humor. She can turn any bad day into a great day. Ms. Johnson makes me feel important by empowering me to be my own person, not a robot. She has taught me a lot about life. She sees me, knows my potential, and does not stop at just my disability. She truly understands that all of us, me included, are people first, not our diagnosis. My favorite activity to do with Ms. Johnson is bowling. We always have a great time, no matter the frame. I’ve managed to get a gutter with bumpers once. My favorite part is how comic her face is when I miss. The one thing I would want to tell Ms. Johnson is to never give up. Thank you for all that you do. Without you, none of this is possible. Thank you.

Patrice Johnson is a DSP at ArcGNO’s Uptown Community Center, where she helps facilitate meaningful activities for adults with intellectual disabilities. Danyelle Barnett is a participant at the Uptown Community Center. She chose to spotlight Ms. Johnson for DSP Recognition Week