Residential Support Services

ArcGNO provides support services for individuals in their residences, whether they are on their own or living with loved ones. Support services are always customized to the needs of the individual and can range from assistance with basic hygiene to more complicated tasks such as budgeting or navigating public transportation. From the perspective of Medicaid, which reimburses for these services, residential supports fall into one of three categories.



Supported Independent Living


ArcGNO assists adults with intellectual disabilities who live in their own home or apartment with day-to-day living skills. To assure that a person is living in a safe environment and receiving the needed support, regular contact by supervisory staff is also maintained. The number of hours of direct support is based on a person’s needs. Emergency access is available on a 24-hour basis.



Respite Care


It is widely recognized that families providing care to a person with an intellectual disability are exposed to additional psychological and physical stresses. Family members need time away, to take care of personal needs or simply to renew themselves.  In order to grant respite to these family caretakers, ArcGNO provides direct support to the individual with an intellectual disability for whatever period the family desires, provided this time is approved beforehand by the State.



Personal Care Services


For individuals with intellectual disabilities living with family, ArcGNO also provides support services that are designed to help them live more independently. These services are customized to the individual and intended also to provide opportunities to engage in social or leisure activities outside the home.



To learn more about ArcGNO Residential Support Services, call 504.708.1444 or email