2-3 Year Milestones

Communication Milestones

By 30 months:

  • Consistently uses 2-3 word phrases
  • Uses “in” and “on”
  • At least 50% of speech is understood by caregiver
  • Follows 2-step unrelated directions, e.g. “give me the ball and go get your coat”
  • Understands basic nouns and pronouns
  • Understands “mine” and “yours”

By 36 months:

  • Asks “what” and “where” questions
  • Uses plurals, e.g. “dogs”
  • Most speech is understood by caregiver
  • Simple understanding of concepts including color, space, time
  • Understands “why” questions
  • Understands most simple sentences


This Milestones list is thanks to Pathways.org