DSP Spotlight: Esconda Galmon

Esconda cares about me and loves me. I feel important because she came to the center, gives her time and engages me. I really enjoy riding bikes with Esconda. I want to wish her a happy DSP week and I am glad she chose to work here at the center. She is really making a […]

DSP Linda and client Kalap stand in front of the Krewe of Arc room

DSP Spotlight: Linda Wilson

Linda is my favorite DSP because she is a good person. She is funny and makes me laugh a lot. She makes me feel important by including me into activities for the transportation department. My favorite thing to do with her is going to see movies. I want to tell her that she is sweet […]

DSP Spotlight: Donna Sparks

Donna is my favorite DSP because she is pretty, nice, and she brings me to look at the drums. She helps me with my chores and makes my meals. She challenges me with my Xbox games…and I win. We go to baseball games and watch the Saints. This week I want to tell Donna that […]

DSP and client smiling at the lakefront

DSP Spotlight: Licia Bruard

          I love working with Ms. Licia because she is very nice. She buys us donuts, cookies, frosties, and chicken nuggets. She is our favorite supervisor and we love her. I like to help her pick up trash at the lakefront. I enjoy working with her on our mobile crew.   […]

Introducing DSP Recognition Week Spotlight Series

In honor of DSP Recognition Week, ArcGNO will be hosting a spotlight series, featuring some of our wonderful DSP’s. Each spotlight was written by one of ArcGNO’s clients about their favorite DSP. Our clients are so excited to share with you the bonds they have formed.

DSP Spotlight: Patrice Johnson

  Hello my name is Danyelle Barnett. This week I have had the privilege of picking one of our DSP’s to be in the spotlight. Each one of you has worked tirelessly during the past year. This year I have chosen Ms. Patrice Johnson to be in the spotlight. Ms. Johnson is fun and caring. […]

Celebrating 30 Years with ArcGNO!

Moments after sitting down to talk with me about their 30 years with ArcGNO, the atmosphere shifts from an interview to old friends reminiscing. Milton Batiste, director of transportation services, and Lamar Smith, program coordinator at the Westwego Community Center, fire back and forth names of past co-workers and inside jokes. Both men began their […]